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Shield Ankle Monitor Service provides court ordered ankle monitors for house arrest requirements nationwide.
Ankle Monitor
Date published: 07/01/2016
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Guardian / Shield Ankle Monitor Service  was formed to satisfy a need for an interim tool between a “hand-slap” and incarceration. A need was identified in both juvenile and adult detention centers for a tool that allowed offenders to be monitored without filling up beds needed for more serious offenders. We provide ankle monitors for house arrest.

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Guardian / Shield Ankle Monitor Service provides GPS ankle monitors and alcohol detection monitoring programs which are reliable, secure, and affordable. These successful and proven programs keep offenders connected to their families and their jobs with house arrest.

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Shield provides ankle monitors for court ordered house arrest nationwide.
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If an offender needs a GPS Ankle Monitor for house arrest or pre-sentencing. Shield Ankle Monitor Service provides an ankle monitor bracelet, which monitors the client's location 24/7. In-addition we are providers of the Telmate Guardian a smartphone home confinement app that replaces the traditional ankle bracelet.