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Guardian Monitoring was formed to satisfy a need for an interim tool between a “hand-slap” and incarceration. A need was identified in both juvenile and adult detention centers for a tool that allowed offenders to be monitored without filling up beds needed for more serious offenders.

Additionally, it relieved the budgetary concerns for cities and counties by saving the daily costs of incarceration including exorbitant medical costs incurred by inmates.

Services are provided 24 hours / 7 days a week. Our administration office is open from 8 am-11 pm daily.

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Reliable, secure, & affordable GPS & alcohol detection monitoring programs

“I need to let you know that your attorney did a fantastic job for you. The policy of my head deputy is state prison on a case like this. So he did an excellent job for you. I just wanted you to know that.”

Testimonial- Amanda-Georgiahousearrest
Amanda Seyfried
Atlanta, Georgia

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Telmate Guardian is the future of house arrest which is a technically advanced, low-cost smartphone-based, GPS monitoring solution for community corrections including pre-trial, work release, probation and parole.

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Reliable, Secure & Affordable GPS and Alcohol Detection Monitoring Programs