How Guardian Works

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    Enroll/Install Smartphone Application

    A case manager sets up a new user online, and provides a unique PIN to the enrollee. The enrollee installs the Android or iOS application on their smartphone, and enters their unique PIN to get started.

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    Enrollees are Prompted to Check In

    Enrollees receive a smartphone notification at random intervals prompting a “check-in.” Enrollees respond to check-in alerts by speaking a random series of numbers while multiple photos are taken. The frequency of check-ins is set by the case manager, and check-ins may also be triggered manually, at any time

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    Face and Voice Detection

    The voice recording and photos from each check-in are immediately available for review to ensure an accurate, positive match.

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    Device Location Monitoring

    Guardian features GPS device monitoring where the enrollee’s smartphone automatically reports its location at configurable intervals throughout each day, providing additional reporting between required enrollee check-ins

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    Staff Tracking/Alarms

    Using browser-based mapping and analysis software, all check-ins are tracked, logged and measured against the individual’s custom parameters. Staff may opt to receive immediate alarms if individuals violate any term of their monitoring agreement. Printable summaries are available for case review

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Enrollee Benefits

  • LESS HUMILIATING FOR SUPERVISED INDIVIDUALS – A phone is far less embarrassing and limiting than an ankle monitor for public situations such as employment, school and church.
  • WORKS WITH ANDROID & APPLE SMARTPHONES – For a vast majority of individuals, Guardian requires no new equipment and enables simple, painless check-ins.
  • MOBILE IS FAMILIAR – Guardian provides the newest generation of enrollees a familiar, mobile monitoring solution including voice and image verified check-ins and notifications.
  • DOCUMENTATION SUPPORT – If an enrollee feels that he/she has been unfairly penalized or targeted by their assigned agent, this system supports transparency with documentation and full audit trails.
  • LIMITED BANDWIDTH REQUIREMENTS – Guardian requires only a small amount of data bandwidth so check-ins still work with most carriers even after the user’s monthly data allowance has been exceeded. Each check-in requires approximately 500kb of data bandwidth (0.5 mb), which means that under a maximum usage scenario (5 check-ins per day without the use of WiFi), the data requirements would be approximately 78 mb.